Monday, February 24, 2014

Shocking things I saw today....

So living in New York City, working in Times Square, you're bound to see things that the average person from my mid-west upbringing would never imagine they would see. Although I take into consideration that some of the people I see may be mentally disturbed, or have some other medical issue (bless their soul) some of the stuff I witness still doesn't make sense and leaves me utterly baffled.

FOR example, this morning while walking into the little cafe near my work to get my friday sandwich, a man cradling a literal wad of cash walked into the cafe. I looked at him obviously like he was going to mug me and tuck my money into his wad and sing it to sleep. He casually walked past me, walked up to the cop in the store, turned around, and walked out and down the street... never to be seen again. What the hell did I just see.

First of all, where's the money from? Second of all, why are you flaunting your wad baby? Third of all, why did you enter the store in the first place if you weren't even going to buy anything? I know that this may seem subtle and uneventful but try and put yourself in my position on a sunny Friday morning, confronted by a dirty man with a neatly organized fat stack of cash, just, ya know, meandering around. I've shared my experiences with the two people who have read my blog before, my mom and the (assumingly) Russian woman/stranger who just put me in one of her Google circles, but I can't stress enough how often these things happen.

Some of the time they are slightly funny and slightly tragic, like the man on the subway in the batman mini dress, but most of the time they strike this imagination of mine that may just as well be the most active imagination in the world.

That same day, before I saw money cradle man, I was walking to the subway in Williamsburg. On the off chance that someone besides my beautiful mother reads this, Williamsburg is a very hipster area in Brooklyn*. This slightly normal woman with ripped jeans and a bearable singing voice was belting out an Evanescence song. Of course my first thought was judgmental and along the lines of, "She definitely does NOT live or belong in hipster Williamsburg singing that song." And then, a few minutes later when I had time to think on the rush hour train--sandwiched between someone who didn't brush their teeth and an edgy chick who shoves everyone else a little too far in so she doesn't have to wait the 120 seconds for the next train, might I add--I started to judge myself, too.

I knew that song. It was Evanescence, and I remember when that song would come on the TV when I was younger I was mesmerized and couldn't stop listening to it. I couldn't stop judging my younger, former self for delighting so much in such a sad, yet beautiful, song sung by a rather goth looking band.

I have learned, therefore, to keep looking around and notice the things around me. I am constantly entertained by people of the city and their fascinating mannerisms and confidence. This is the perfect city to entertain an active imagination.

*They just put a Dunkin' Donuts into a very prominent corner in Williamsburg and the plaid brigade was none too happy, if that gives you a better description of the area

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