Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making it work in a big city

So post graduate life is well on the way. As grateful as I am to have the support of my parents not only emotionally but also financially, come August I am cut off if I am to remain in NYC. For those of you who are judging me for being 23 and still relying on my parents for money, get over yourself. Sometimes it takes people longer to find a full time job. (especially when you're an aspiring window display artist in NYC... pretty specific and minimal job opportunities)

ANYWAY. I am currently working at Anthropologie as a sales associate because they usually promote from within and I am working my way up the ladder. The first question is: How do people "make it work", rent, food, going out, monthly subway pass, college loans, all on $10 and hour sans the 6.5% (or whatever it is) tax deduction from you pay?! Being the ambitious person I am, I picked up shifts tomorrow and voluntarily signed myself up to work 7am to midnight. What the hell was I thinking?

By the time my second break rolled around my feet were so swollen I had to losen my t-straps a notch. Standing on concrete for 11 hours straight really ins't great for your body, let me tell you. Not only were my feet hurting, but people who shop can be really mean/rude/belittling. Yes, I know I work at a retail store getting paid $10 an hour and you make a couple hunded grand a year, but I DO have a college degree and I'm not an idiot so please don't treat me as such. Working a cash register or finding you a size in back stock may not be my strong suites, but put a camera in my hand or ask me to make an installation and I'll stun you. (being assertive, not conceited, is a key trait in surviving as an artist and making yourself known--thank you Jeff Jones)

After all of this complaining I got home and was thinking to myself how so many people in the service industry work from 7am-1 or 2am every day, and they don't complain ;). Yes the people who are mean to service industry workers need to get over themselves, but I think so do I. I am voluntarily living in NYC and trying to make it work. Needless to say, I have zero social life anymore and every time I come home my kitten acts like I've been away to war for months. The question I'm asking myself now is, "Is it worth it?"

Should I move back to Saint Louis :/ for a while and save some money, work my tail off there, and attempt to make some more business connections so that I can later move back to NYC and face the struggle all over? Or should I stay here and attempt to find some mediocre desk job so that I can afford rent and food whilst attempting to be an artist in New York? The mind reels...