Friday, May 10, 2013

So I usually start my day with a thoughtful quote or profound literary piece from my dad in an email or text. Today I received this video What is Water? WATCH IT. (I think it was removed so here is another link

When you live in a crowded place where you are constantly moving around, and where it takes at least 35 minutes just to get through the line at the grocery store, it is helpful to be reminded that you are not the only person who feels frustrated, tired and annoyed at the end of a long work day. Sometimes you just get so wrapped up in it all that you forget you are not the only person on earth.

More importantly, why do more graduation speeches not resemble this one? What a perfect depiction of the every day "adult life" that so many of americans live. Instead of glorifying independence as a free right to party whenever we want and spend money however we choose, why aren't more parents/advisors sitting college students and recent grads down, looking them in the eye and saying. "LISTEN, it won't be as fun as you think." Maybe more college grads would be better prepared for the real world if that would have happened.

For the majority of my life I feel I have been incredibly independent and self-sufficient. The major flaw is that I have never been financially independent--whomp whomp. I still enjoy going to the grocery store and seeing all the different people. My point is that maybe the little annoyances come with financial independence. Who knows; maybe it is just being young and living in a city that I love that fules my naivety.

All that I am saying is that as an artist, and as a compassionate human, the video I posted above is a lesson worth listening to and one that all recent college grads should be required to watch. All you have to do is realize what the water is around you.