Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Naming things is hard.

I spent tonight updating my website, LinkedIn, resume, job reference list, and cover letter. All of this took place after an unpaid, 11 hour work day. Work honestly just gets me awake and so pumped to have a non-internship, full-time job to call mine.

One thing that has recently happened is that I have moved! Woo woo! I now live with people my own age, not that I didn't absolutely love living with two of my cousins who were 20 years my senior, but it's so nice to be around 20-somethings again. I found my roommate on Craigslist and she is adorable and the best roommate I have ever had. Who every thought after seeings "Craigslist Killer" (Lifetime you misleading thing, you) that I could find such a great roommate through Craigslist? Go Craig!

I also started working at Domestic Construction and have been there for almost three months now and absolutely love it. My boss is one of the most rad (to use her favorite term) artist chicks I have ever met. One of my new role models for sure. She isn't even 30 yet and has already owned her own clothing line, and now owns her own event design company. Seriously, talk about drive and passion. I am so grateful to work for Domestic Construction in their amazingly bohemian studio in Greenpoint. I have also fallen into quite a smitten relationship with their mentally handicapped cat, Fluff. I've been trying to take him home but they won't let me... yet...

The best part about DC is that I was able to work at the Bronx Zoo in helping to set up an event the other day. That's right, I spent the entire day next to barking, playful seals on a beautifully sunny and temperate day. It was perfect. I was also able to help stage an event for AMC! From Breaking Bad to Walking Dead to Mad Men, I was at the height of my existence.

I also just got an interview with my dream company, Anthropologie, for my dream job, Display Coordinator. So obviously I've been super busy submerging myself fully into my internships and am ready to take on a full time job where I can create! Lets go!

Am I not the luckiest girl around?