Monday, February 18, 2013

So much change!

It has been a while! On of the off chance that someone besides my mother reads this, I'm just going to keep updating the blog when I can and hope that my life is as interesting to the outside eye as it is to me.

I got a restaurant job and I also quit on the third shift. So, there went my theory of really wanting to work in the restaurant business, at least one with Italian management--incredibly different from every other type of management. I worked there for one day learning how to be a barista (definitely not my calling in life) before they put me on the floor as a server, on a Friday night, with 30 minutes of training, on a computer system that is definitely circa 1980, and had me wait on three 4-tops and three 8-tops. If you've ever been a server anywhere, you know that's a lot of tables. Well, it feels like even more when you have zero training, zero help in your section, and a rather pushy man ordering a bottle of tequila every 30 minutes.

The manager at the restaurant told me she could tell I wasn't from New York because of my "accent" and because I wasn't loud, I was "humble". Her "New Yorker" way of saying that I should probably be a little louder and pushy. So, now that they won't pay me, I've been exercising my non-humble side and have shown her my Nerinx woman side instead. You are ever SO welcome, Tabitha, you sassy little Indian chick from Jersey.

The good thing about quitting the crazy restaurant was that I now have another interview for an internship with a company I could really see myself with long-term. It is called Domestic Construction (google it I dare you) and it's located in Greenpoint. The company specializes in event planning and something I just discovered called "event design". Jackpot! Since graduation I have been looking for companies that incorporate artwork into events/event planning and here it is. Hopefully I get the internship with them and/or they hire me on full time! Fingers crossed and intelligence engaged.

The past week I had the flu and am now best friends with my cousins' cat, Shiva. At home I have a 85lb Golden-doodle named Wally who holds my heart, and a 5lb Coton de Tulear names Sophie. I think Shiva may be inching her way in, but only time will tell. After being an apartment alone for the past week, however, the only contact I've had has been with the cat and the guy who comes to pet the cat for about an hour a day, ohhh New York living.

The upside of being in a bed for a week is that I discovered the show "White Trash Weddings". Nothing makes me happier than this show. Watching this show is both entertaining and educational about how another half lives (I wouldn't go as far to say THEE other half). One wedding in particular that I watched had a woman who bought a yellow sundress from a consignment shop for her wedding. Seeing as this was her 4th and her husband's 5th weddings, I understand that. The real kicker was that she "b-dazzled" her dress with one of those "As Seen on TV!!" sequin guns. She did a great job lining the neck with sequins, but did an even better job b-dazzling her new husband's last name across the front skirt. For the reception they kicked back with some Coors Lights, 15 pizzas, and rode into the dusty sunset in a go cart (a one-seater so the groom drove and the bride rode on the "hood" essentially straddling him). How can you not want to watch that show?

On the opposite spectrum from "White Trash Weddings", I hung out with some new found friends in their upper east side studio this past weekend. The girls were decked out in Michael Kors bags, Christian Louboutin shoes (you're 23 and you have two pairs of Louboutins? Be my BFF) and David Yurman arm candy. I definitely felt like Dorothy in Oz, except my ruby red slippers were from Target and theirs were Christian Louboutins.

On a more serious note, it has been a little bit of a struggle to move to this huge city without really knowing more than two people my own age. I'm still working on figuring out who I am and why I am on the planet. My advisors prepared me for a post-graduate life for when I turn 35, not for when I'm 23. I have no full time job, no solid direction and way too many interests. Thankfully my Dayton family is close and my advisors will still be hearing from my post-grad self asking for advice.

Working at ELLE has helped me to narrow down my job search a little. It has shown me that I'm interested in fashion, but do not eat/sleep/dream fashion. ELLE/Hearst is full of wonderful, kind and talented people, I'm just not meant to work in an accessories closet. It's a different type of creativity that I'm really looking for.

In the mean time, there are a few things that I've learned so far that aren't a result of my costly education, but of just pretty much being alive:
- Cab drivers are some of the most intelligent people you'll meet in NYC, and are almost always humble.
- Humidifiers in New York in the winter are essential if you don't want to walk around all day with bloodshot eyes and no moisture in your body what-so-ever
- Don't drink past stupid... for real (thanks, Dad, I'm really listening this time)
- Books are fun if you read the right ones
- It's not where you are it's who you're with (although the location can make quite an impact)
- You can let your dog do it's business on the sidewalk. Gross.
- Hand sanitizer is a good friend to have
- Waterproof boots are helpful during a blizzard / Blizzards are real
- The majority of the people in NYC are very nice