Monday, January 14, 2013

City so nice they named it twice!

Found the most amazing anecdote online about NYC:

The flight is booked and I officially move to New York City tomorrow at 8:10am. This is unreal. I've spent my morning trying to get every appointment I have in the next month changed until today. By the time I come back I will have mangey hair, hopefully some new vintage finds, zero money and a sassy attitude. Not that my sarcasm needs any help, but im sure the city with help to season it.

I've also been searching on blogs and different sites all day for advice on moving from the simple Midwest to the Big Apple. I've been told not to wear my favorite type of shoes, flip-flops or t-straps, in the warmer weather due to the trash juice--delicious. I have read to avoid the trains with no one in them during the busy hours, ignore the bums, bring a LOT of money, and use a raincoat instead of a umbrella. Walk on the left and stand on the right. I might be in a little bit of trouble seeing as I would probably jump right into an empty train car, want to save all of the bums, I have no savings traveling with me, and I need to buy a raincoat thus depleting my current budget significantly. I'm working at ELLE... there is no way I'm going there with a plastic poncho or something similar that fits into my budget.

The good thing is that I have amazing parents. I am 23 and they have assured me that they wouldn't let me starve (ie. they will send me money if I go broke, which I will quite quickly). My sweet mom also bought me a new pair of some amazing Frye shoes yesterday. I guess she still wants her little baby to fit in. I'm not going to argue with that or a new pair of shoes.

It's all becoming real and I'm starting to freak out a little. One of my friends wanted to give me some drunken advice the other night before I left my hometown I've been so comfortable with for so long. He said: "Just don't change your personality. You're too sweet and perfect just the way you are." Thanks, Joe. If it wasn't hard before it was then. I have so many genuine people that are a part of my family and group of friends that it truly makes leaving here something very difficult. I'm blessed with my family, friends, and this opportunity. Thank you so very much to everyone in my life who has supported me through everything in my life.

I'm ready for what lies ahead.

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